About Us

We are living in an era where profound changes are taking place in our world and which affect our daily lives in fundamental ways. From the effects of climate change and manmade destruction to our planet to the re-evaluation of every facet of life, we are being challenged to our core, from the macro level of society to the micro level of the self. On a global scale, we are questioning the viability and morality of our economy, the purpose and consequences of our educational system, the definition of family and the concept of marriage, sexuality and the meaning of intimate relationships, the reasons and rationality behind wars and borders, and our spirituality or our connection and relationship to God or something beyond our mundane and practical human experience.

While we have lived through many other periods of great challenge, never has the speed been so accelerated or the effects as widely felt. The increasing rate of international travel and immigration and the immediacy of experience that the Internet has made possible continues to make our world feel smaller and our experiences more widely shared. At the same time, the Internet has also given us a painful reflection of the fundamental separation that we experience. Our differences and our struggles are more blatantly obvious. How can we, as individuals, navigate this period of radical changes in a centred and peaceful way? By living consciously, we can make this into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and transformation, thus participating and contributing in a positive way to the changes in society.

Conscious living begins with a conscious awareness of our body. When we are aware in our body, we have the ability to witness ourselves with more spaciousness and gain the neutrality that we need to centre ourselves and make decisions from that place of centredness. Every single decision has its consequence, and can deeply affect the quality of our lives, from the food we choose, the people we surround ourselves with, who and how we choose to be in intimate relationships, our work, and activities or causes that we devote our time and energy to.

A body aligned with gravity is a body in harmony and ease, allowing us to more easily align and integrate our emotions and thoughts, and live in congruence. Living life in congruence is the basis of a happy and healthy life.

We, at Conscious Alignment, want to create a space for the enquiry into a conscious and congruent life through the alignment of body, mind, heart and soul. We want to do this through practitioner trainings, one-to-one therapy, group therapy, food, and group activities.